Car Wash Business Financing

Car Wash Financing  : When you look nice, you feel nice – the same goes for your car. Driving around in a vehicle that has just been freshly washed or waxed is a feeling like none other. That renewed sensation you get stepping out of the bathtub after a nice, long shower is the only feeling we can compare it to. The local car wash always has a way of doing for our cars, what the bathtub does for us – they rid our vehicles of built up dirt and debris leaving a shining exterior. Much like our cars, we too drive away feeling energized and ready to take on the day with newfound confidence.

To make sure your car wash business has what it needs to have every vehicle (and its driver) sparkling like new, Business Lending Authority is here to help with all your financial needs. Our fast and easy financing can have money in your bank account in as little as 48 hours. Business Lending Authority will help you keep your car washing business thriving and serving the community.

Most traditional lenders and banks need mountains of paperwork and take many weeks to tell you if you are approved, and that’s if you’re even eligible in the first place. Business Lending Authority is the alternative that requires minimal paperwork and institutes standards more appropriate and conducive to giving unsecured business capital to the everyday car wash small business owner.

Get A Brand New Start

You make cars look like brand new, and at Business Lending Authority we’ll put you on your way to a brand new start. We help you enhance your business, increase your profits and experience massive success. We know that you’ve been around the block and have the experience and drive to take your operation to the next level. Let our liquid business financing grow your business.

Whether you run a full service, in-bay automatic, or self-service car wash, Business Lending Authority has the flexible, reliable and unsecured business loan alternatives that your business needs. Unlike banks and conventional lenders, we don’t ask for collateral, and no liens on your property, and neither outstanding loans, bad credit, no credit, nor a high risk designation will stop you from having access to the money you need right now.

How It Works

Business Lending Authority uses you future revenues to offer the fast, unsecured cash advances that your business needs in this unpredictable economy. We will quickly get you the money your car wash business need with our alternative process that takes as little as 2 days. Business Lending Authority wants to take the headache away and give you access to our business-transforming, reliable, small business funding in amounts totalling anywhere from $1,000 to $1,000,000!

What You Need for A Business Lending Authority Business Loan

Apply  Business Lending Authority’s unrestricted, no-hassle financing directly into the areas of your business that need it most. Take that excellent service that  you to bring to your loyal every day customers to another level with our flexible, 48 hour financing. Here are some of the basics of what you need to apply:

  • A 6-month old business (no start-ups)
  • At least $7,500 per month in deposits
  • Good Credit? Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!

Business Lending Authority’s mission is to be a leader in small business loan alternatives that  are tailored to your needs and make it possible to get the unsecured capital you need without delay. There are no limitations on how to use your money, so you can reach your business goals and build your car wash small business into a huge success.We do not ask for collateral or liens on your personal property, so the family house or car is never at risk and you don’t need years of paperwork to be approved.

It’s easy to begin, just fill out the form on the side of this page and one of our Business Lending Authority representatives will walk you through a few simple steps over the phone so you can get on your way to a fast, unsecured loan for your car wash business.

What You Don’t Need:

  • You do not need perfect Credit
  • No Restrictions on what areas of your business to spend your money
  • No need for tons of paperwork proving your creditworthiness
  • No Demands for liens on your property or collateral which you could lose

Unlike traditional small business loans from banks, Business Lending Authority gives you the freedom and flexibility to allocate the cash you need into any facet of your business. You’re the one running a business in your community and only you know what your business needs to be successful. No matter if you check the inventory and find you are running low on interior shampoo and conditioner, some of your high-powered vacuums need replacing, or even that you need to hire more part-time employees, Business Lending Authority’s innovative, unsecured small business capital solutions will help you get every task done and have your business running at its optimal capacity.

In addition, once you repay 70% of your Business Lending Authority Business Loan Alternative, you have the option to apply for up to 200% of your first amount in refinancing. No where else will you find quick and unrestricted access to virtually unlimited capital when you need it most.

Whether you’re a local car wash that has been around for years, even generations, or an emerging car wash business looking to stabilize and keep operations running smoothly in the short term, Business Lending Authority is here to help. Most banks and business lenders require you to pay back 95 to 100% of that small business loan before you can be eligible to even think about applying for more money, but not Business Lending Authority. We understand how difficult small business can be, but how rewarding it to see profits increased and goals become realities. Our fast, easy and flexible process brings you quick and hassle-free, unsecured business capital in a record time of 48 hours.

Your unsecured small business loan alternative from Business Lending Authority is waiting for you today! Call BLA for your Car Wash Financing.