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Why Small Business Loan Alternatives?

Business Lending Authority offers a simple loan application process that can get you the funds you need to secure necessary materials, services or employees when your business is in need. We know that starting a business is a challenging financial time that includes normal ebbs and flows, and it should not be as difficult to secure business loans as banks and traditional lenders make it. If you apply for a bank loan, they will ask to see months of records, stellar credit reports and ongoing high profits. And banks deny the great majority of small businesses loans. This sidelines most small businesses, who are struggling to make ends meet and grow without the capital they need.

How Small Business Loan Alternatives Can Give You the Funding You Need

Small business loan alternatives like Business Lending Authority take a non-traditional approach to lending to allow you to get the operating capital you need without jumping through months of hoops and records searching. Bad credit? No problem. By giving you a business cash advance using your future revenues as collateral, Business Lending Authority offers a fast, easy approval process. Since we provide unsecured business loans, you do not need to worry about justifying how you spend the money. With our small business loan alternatives, you’ll have complete freedom to put the capital to work for your business in the area you need it most.

Benefits of Small Business Loan Alternatives

Business Lending Authority’s small business loan for business owners alternatives allow you to make your business dreams come true.

Whether you need quick cash to buy more products, materials or services, or if your business needs renovations, office space or more staff members, a cash advance loan from Business Lending Authority will give you the capital in your bank account in as little as 48 hours. Skip the hassle of going through months-long small business loan applications with traditional lenders like banks and instead sign up for a fast, easy unsecured business cash advance from Business Lending Authority today. With our small business loan alternatives, you can get anywhere from $1,000 to $1,000,000 deposited into your checking account for immediate operating capital for your small business needs.

What You’ll Need to Apply for Small Business Loan Alternatives with Business Lending Authority:

  • A 6-month-old business (no startups)
  • Monthly gross revenues of $15,000 or higher
  • Bad credit? No problem

Businesses We Fund: