Convenience Store Loans

If you’re the owner of a convenience store, finding convenience store financing to keep your business running strong in a highly competitive, fast-paced industry can be a lot more difficult than you’d expect.

Traditional unsecured small business loan sources have a laundry list of requirements – great credit, stellar profit statements and collateral or liens on your property – that make it nearly impossible for small businesses to get convenience store financing. Your business relies on convenience – and having the most popular products in stock and maintaining a well-kept, convenient location and friendly employees costs money. At Business Lending Authority, we understand that you need fast cash for your convenience store’s operating capital, and we offer from $1,000 to $1,000,000 in convenience store financing that you can have access to in as little as 48 hours. That’s right, no waiting months to get declined from small business loans – with us you can get the convenience store financing you need fast. And we have a 90 percent approval rate, so forget the banks! Apply today for our small business loan alternative by simply filling out the form on the side of this page and get on the fast track to success.

Cover Your Convenience Store Expenses with Business Lending Authority’s Convenience Store Loans

Why take the slow road with traditional unsecured small business loans when you can get on the highway to success with Business Lending Authority’s fast convenience store financing. With our simple application process, you can have the cash you need to restock your shelves, run store promotions and specials, keep fuel pumping for your customers and maintain a friendly, helpful staff that keeps people stopping in.

How Convenience Store Financing Will Boost Your Bottom Line

The convenience store business is a lucrative one that rakes in billions of sales each year, but also comes with lots of competition. To stay ahead of the game, you’ll need to offer your customers the most reliable, convenient services and products so they choose your store over the one across the street. With convenience stores peppering every street, there are always a host of options for customers on the go. If you don’t make that great first impression in their short time in the store – and offer the snacks and convenience items your customers want – they’ll drive off and go to the next convenience store in a flash, and you’ll lose that business. Don’t be caught in a lurch with bare shelves, a fuel shortage, or a poorly staffed convenience store. Business Lending Authority’s convenience store financing can help cover the following costs:

  • Store rent
  • Snack products
  • Staff costs
  • Liquor products
  • Cigarette costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Advertising and promotion costs
  • Store renovations
  • Equipment maintenance and repairs

So stop wishing you could replace the coffee makers or hire more employees – apply for convenience store financing with Business Lending Authority today and get the operating cash you need to make your business boom.

Here’s What You Need to Apply for Convenience Store Financing:

  • To fill out the simple application form on the side of this page.
  • Speak with a Business Lending Authority representative to complete a few easy steps, once you fill out the application.
  • A convenience store business that has been in operation for at least 6 months. No startups.
  • Monthly gross sales of $15,000 or higher.

What You Don’t Need for Convenience Store Financing:

  • Restrictions on how you use the money you apply for.
  • Good credit.
  • Collateral which you could lose or demands for liens on your property.
  • Traditional business loans that take months to obtain, if you pass all the strict requirements.

Benefits of Convenience Store Financing with Business Lending Authority

When you obtain convenience store financing with Business Lending Authority, you’ll have access to fast, liquid cash that you can put to use however you see fit for your business. We don’t place restrictions on how you use the money for your business, as we understand that you know your convenience store business best, and know where to put the funds to use. Need to step up your marketing and outshine the competition? Our fast convenience store financing can have you putting up new store displays and stocking new products on the shelves within a week. Forget waiting months on traditional unsecured small business loans – we give you the operating capital you need when you need it.

Ongoing Access to Convenience Store Financing

At Business Lending Authority, we’re here to help you with convenience store financing when you need it. We know that the fast-paced convenience store business includes fluctuating costs that can hit unexpectedly – such as a broken pipe, theft or a new business opening next to yours – and we offer convenience store financing when you need it most, not six months from now when the banks get back to you.

With our unsecured small business loan alternative, you just have to repay 70 percent of your original cash advance before you can reapply for more convenience store financing. Traditional lenders like banks, on the other hand, require 100 percent small business loan repayment before you can begin the lengthy – and often unsuccessful – process of applying for another loan. In the meantime you could lose all your business to that shiny new store on the corner, your customers won’t get the best products and service, and you may even be forced to shut your business doors before the bank gets back to you. Don’t be a statistic – choose the smart route and get fast, easy convenience store financing from Business Lending Authority and never go without the operating capital you need to succeed in the convenience store industry.

Stop wishing you could do more with your business and make more profit, and fill out the simple convenience store financing form on the side of this page to get the operating capital you need to keep your customers smiling and coming back for more. Your bottom line will thank you.