Pet Shop Business Loans

If you own a small business in the multi-billion dollar pet industry, competition is fierce and customers can be demanding, as pets are family to many.

But with pet business financing, you can get the operating capital you need to provide top-notch pet services and supplies that are heads and tails above the competition. Traditional unsecured small business loans make it very difficult to secure pet business financing, as they require good credit, a stellar profit history and demands for liens/collateral. Business Lending Authority offers a small business loan alternative that can give you pet business financing in as little as 48 hours, so you can have the cash you need to upgrade your grooming salon, stock your pet store shelves, hire extra doggie day care employees or renovate your pet boarding facilities.

Pet Business Loans: How Pet Business Financing Can Help Your Business Boom

Business Lending Authority’s fast cash advance program is easy to apply for – simply fill out the form on the side of this page to get started, and you could have from $1,000 to $1,000,000 cash available in your bank account in as little as two days. Our unsecured small business loan alternatives allow you to use the money however your business needs it, and you don’t have to wait months to hear back like you would with traditional small business loan sources. So don’t let your business go to the dogs – apply today and get the operating capital you need to keep tails wagging and customers lining up for more. Here are the types of pet businesses we help with pet business financing:

  • Pet Store Financing
  • Pet Grooming Business Financing
  • Pet Boarding Business Financing
  • Obedience Training Business Financing
  • Pet Therapy Business Financing
  • Pet Transport Business Financing
  • Petsitting and Dog Walking Business Financing
  • Pet Massage Business Financing
  • Mobile Grooming Business Financing
  • Pet Photography Business Financing
  • Dog Day Care Financing
  • Pet Party Business Financing

With pet businesses, the sky is the limit as owners will go to the ends of the earth for their beloved furry friends. At Business Lending Authority, we understand that providing pet owners with the best pet products and services is the key to your business success, and we’re here to help, with our fast pet business financing. With our unsecured cash advances, you can get the operating capital you need to hire more staff members, train your staff, outfit your obedience facility with training equipment, host dog training seminars, buy special holiday bows and ribbons for your grooming facility, pay rent, do building renovations and anything else that would help your business gain a pawhold in this competitive yet lucrative industry. Think about how well your business would be doing if you had the pet business financing you need to cover all major projects and expenses. Stop waiting around to get declined from traditional unsecured small business loans, and take the simple step today to get the cash advance you need to make your pet business flourish right away, not five months from now.

Here’s What You Need to Apply for Pet Business Financing:

  • To fill out the simple application form on the side of this page.
  • A pet business that has been in operation for at least 6 months.
  • Speak with a Business Lending Authority representative to complete a few easy steps, once you fill out the application.
  • Monthly gross sales of $15,000 or higher.

What You Don’t Need for Pet Business Financing:

  • Good credit
  • Restrictions on how you use the money you apply for.
  • Collateral which you could lose or demands for liens on your property.
  • Traditional business loans that take months to obtain, if you pass all the strict requirements.

How Pet Business Financing Can Make Tails Wag

With the operating capital, you need from Business Lending Authority’s pet business financing, you can do the big business projects that will make you stand out in the crowded pet business industry. With enough operating capital, you’ll be able to go the extra mile and step up your business’ marketing campaign, stock your shelves with the latest pet products, redesign your website, hire a social media marketer, keep your appointment booking software up to date and hire the best staff members, who will make tails wag and customers smile. To gain an edge over the competition and go above and beyond in customer service, you’ll need the operating capital to buy extra giveaway treats, pull off fur-raisingly fun special events and keep your clients’ tails wagging and their owners coming back for more.

Benefits of Pet Business Financing with Business Lending Authority

With our pet business financing, you get access to the capital you need right away to put to use for any emergency or project your business needs funded. Unlike traditional lenders, we make it easy, and have a 90 percent approval rate. We also allow you to have ongoing access to the pet business financing you need to keep enough operating capital on hand to cover emergencies, big projects and other expenses for your pet business that arise as your client base grows. Unlike traditional small business lenders, we allow you to reapply for more pet business financing once you’ve repaid just 70 percent of your original cash advance. In contrast, banks require 100 percent repayment of small business loans before you can apply for another loan. And when you do reapply, it will take months to hear back. In the meantime your business will suffer, leaving the furry family members high and dry in times of need. With our small business loan alternative program, you’ll have fast access to the cash, in as little as two days.

So don’t delay, get your business on the fast track to success with Business Lending Authority’s pet business financing, and keep your clients’ tails wagging for many visits to come.